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Leverage financial health metrics, fleet analytics, and operational insights to understand charter operators governed by FAR Part 135.

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Financial Health

Our platform aggregates financial data from multiple sources, providing a comprehensive view of financial health, including credit scores, payment history, and litigation records.

Operational Analytics

Detailed analysis of hangar usage, maintenance shop efficiency, and operational costs provide insights into the scalability and efficiency of charter operators.

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Be the first to know about critical industry news and regulatory changes. Our automated alert system keeps you updated on SPAC filings, safety certifications, and other vital industry news.


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Financial Health Metrics: Access credit scores, payment history, and litigation records.Operational Analytics: Monitor fleet usage and maintenance efficiencyReal-Time Alerts: Stay updated with instant notifications on industry news and performance.


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The best decision

Business aviation is an essential part of our global economic infrastructure. During the pandemic, it has risen dramatically, highlighting its critical role in ensuring connectivity, especially to regions underserved by commercial flights. This sector enhances security and convenience and significantly contributes to local economies by creating jobs and supporting businesses.Investing in charter operators, a vital part of business aviation, requires careful consideration of their financial stability and operational efficiency. Many operators face challenges in maintaining profitability and scalability, as seen in the recent struggles of companies like Jet It and Set Jet. Understanding these dynamics is crucial for making informed investment decisions.That’s why I founded Charter Monitor - to enable you to make the best decision. Join us in leveraging data to navigate the complexities of charter operators and uncover opportunities.Warm regards,Edmond Bitay
Founder, Charter Monitor

Edmond Bitay

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